M-T Ranch
sheep - Polypay, Ramboulliet, Dorset, and Cheviot - since 1985, I decided that
there was simply not enough parasite resistance. The drop in the wool market,
which coincided with the repeal of the wool tariff, was the final blow to the wool
flock. But I enjoyed the sheep and wanted to continue in the industry, so I
searched long and hard to purchase the best stock that I could find for our
humid Southern area, finally settling on a good, registered flock of Katahdins.

As I bred to improve the stock for our area, I let the papers lapse, but continued
to save only the hardiest , most parasite resistant stock with the best mothering
ability and the fastest growing lambs. Over the years, I added some commercial
St. Croix and Barbados Blackbelly ewes. All sheep were bred to outstanding  
young registered rams from my initial contact,
Mark Dennis, of New Iberia,
Louisiana.  I have been very pleased with Mark's rams, and feel that they add
size, coat quality, and frame to their offspring, essential for the commercial
i sold the commercial flock, but found that once again I couldn't stay out of
sheep. I put together a nice flock of commercial and registered Dorper ewe
lambs, and added a group of Katahdins from the quality  flock of Mary
Vananrooy.  Mary was one of the first Katahdin  breeders in Arkansas, and many
top flocks today have descended from her stock.  I placed registered Dorper
rams on the Dorper ewes and registered rams from Mark Dennis, Tina and  
Patrick Broussard, and TJ and Dawn Brady on the Katahdins.
The majority of the stock from the Vananrooy flock was either RR or QR, and the
rams are all top quality RRs. The first crop of lambs is coming on the ground now
and the young ewes are exhibiting excellent mothering characteristics.
I will have some Katahdin ram lambs and a nice selection of Dorper and
registered Katahdin ewe lambs beginning in June.
I hope that you will enjoy your tour through our ranch and enjoy looking at our
Registered  Katahdin ewe and 4- week-old twinsNS
Commercial Dorper ewe and five-week-old twins
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